Mithril Armor
Mithril armor
Vital statistics
Type Armor
Effects Combat Defense +22, Magic Defense +15
Source Armorer, Hurricane Castio
Cost to buy 2980 G
Cost to sell 1490 G
The Mithril Armor is the ultimate armor. It raises Combat Defense by 22 points and Magical Defense by 15 points.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the armorer. The Leather Armor can be purchased for 2980 G. Alternatively, defeat Hurricane Castio to get it.

Notes Edit

This is outright the best armor in the game. The +22 Combat Defense is a huge boost, and while Magical Defense doesn't come into play much it's still a neat boost to magical reputation.

Olive in mithril armor facing a challenger.

The main decision here is whether to purchase this or obtain it from Hurricane Castio. Purchasing this lets you get the benefits of it earlier, but it's a huge investment of money. You could get quite a few fighting or fencing classes in the money you spend on this, and at high enough combat skill the extra defense becomes irrelevant except against formidable enemies.

Getting it from Castio would take longer, since you have to defeat the other two bandits first and he's not easy to defeat even with high combat skill and attack. But it does give it to you for free, along with the reward amount you get later for defeating him. If you plan on defeating the War God, it's better to obtain it from Castio and spend the money saved into classes.

Once the War God is defeated and you don't plan to face any more formidable enemies, it's still worth keeping for a while since it boosts fighter and magic reputation.

Trivia Edit

This is one of three armors that doesn't count as iron, obviously.

It's the only armor, and by extension one of only three items that raise Magical Defense.

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