Description Edit

A rich local landlord approaches the Daughter and asks her if she'd be his mistress, promising to take good care of her in return. Cube turns him away but the Daughter decides to take the job anyway, since the man is very rich and he did promise to treat her well.

Ranking Edit

"I feel sorry for her..."

Stats Required Edit

Charisma = 150

Fighting Reputation = 120

Magic Reputation = 120

Social Reputation = 210

Housework Reputation = 120

Other InformationEdit

This is one of the endings that was not fully translated into English in the beta version. When the above portrait is shown, a dialogue box will display an error; it is "Unable to locate file EETN06.TXT SYSTEM ERROR". Fortunately, this does not create any glitches to the game itself.

In Refine, the ending is fully translated. In it, the old man takes the Daughter to live in a deatached house next to his mansion, and goes back and forth between his legal wife and the Daughter - which leaves both women a bit nervous. Conversation turns out to be a big plus to do well in this specific end, and it must be over 70+:

- If the Daughter doesn't have enough Conversation skills, while she lives a pretty decent life as the dirty old man's lover, their relationship will be based solely on their passionate lovemakings. She'll be quite insecure because she believes that when her beauty fades, the man won't love her anymore.

-If the Daughter is a good speaker, her life as a mistress will be far more pleasant. Not only her lover is rather energetic and good in bed, but they'll be get along well outside of sexual matters and her livelihood will be secured.