Mermaid Tear
Mermaid Tear
Vital statistics
Type Jewel, Special
Effects None
Source Fishman
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 475 G
The Mermaid Tear is a hardened tear that Fishmen tend to get by tormenting mermaids. It costs 950 G. On its own it is useless.

How to ObtainEdit

Mermaid Tear gems are sometimes carried by Fishmen you meet in the Southern Lakes. If you kill one carrying a Mermaid Tear you can confiscate it.

Recommendation Edit

The mermaid tear is one of several Charisma boosts you can get throughout the game. It's a significant raise and its good value means that you'll get a decent return on selling it compared to most other items.

Fishmen are not too tough to kill either, which makes it worth farming. However, don't try to get too many of these and try not to carry more than one while going for a sea vacation. Fishmen drop low money and too much farming will just lead to your Sin rising through the roof. 3-4 of these are enough to give you decent Charisma, as long as you're willing to adventure 4 different times and go to the sea 4 times. If you're planning to combine it with other Charisma raising methods, 2-3 should suffice.


  • If you are low on money you can sell it for half the price its worth.
  • If you possess one you can meet a Mermaid and be rewarded a prayer from her. The prayer raises your Charisma by 50 points and your Sensitivity by 20 points.

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