he Meat is a delicious, nourishing meal rich in protien. It raises Constitution by

A strong, nutritious diet!
Vital statistics
Type Food
Effects Constitution +15, +2.6 lbs
Source Restaurant
Cost to buy 200 G
Cost to sell -
15 points and increases weight by 2.6 pounds.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the Restaurant. The Meat can be purchased for 200 G.

Notes Edit

Meat raises Constitution and is the only purchasable item that can raise it. However, it's less cost effective than most other methods of raising Constitution, like the Robust Diet. There are some points worth considering:

  • Meat raises Constitution immediately, while other methods only raise it during the schedule or at the end of the month.
  • Meat takes up no scheduling time, which most Constitution raising methods do.
  • Meat doesn't affect any of your other stats directly, unlike most other Constitution raising methods.
  • Meat does raise a lot of weight, but it's fixed. Using the Robust diet erratically raises weight and can make Olive fatter.

Meat seems to be most useful for quickly raising Constitution in the mid game without affecting your schedule. As long as you have the money and account for the large weight gain it's quite effective.

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