Marthia Shareweare is one of four potential rivals for Olive in Princess Maker 2. She specializes in cooking. If Olive has Housework Reputation as her highest reputation at age 14 and it's above 100, Marthia meets her after class and invites her to compete in the Cooking Contest.

Marthia also participates in the Dance Party, but her stats are very low. There are reports about her occasionally being good enough to win the third place (Technical Merits), however.

Strategy Edit

It's very difficult to calculate Marthia's relevant stats for the Cooking contest since they aren't displayed, only her score is. Generally, it seems like having a high Cooking skill, at around 150 or so, backed up with decent Sensitivity guarantees a win against her. This is recommended over raising Sensitivity to high levels since it doesn't risk Olive running away randomly.

If you have the perfect flour, you'll win regardless of your stats. Of course, this isn't really practical most of the time. This is somewhat of a moot point though since Housework reputation isn't hard to raise and if you're going for something besides the Housewife ending you don't want to attend the Cooking Contest too many times.


  • Oh, of course. Hi, I'm, um, Marthia...
  • I'm fourteen years old, just like you. So, I was, like, thinking that I'd like to at least be better than you...
  • I, um, I'm kind of slow, and I, um, I'm not really very good at anything. I want to gain confidence by beating you.
  • Let's wish each other good luck!
  • I've lost... and cooking is the only thing I'm any good at...

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