This is one one of several marraige endings that Patricia can acheive.

The requirements for this ending are:

Intelligence Over 419
Charm Over 499
Integrity Less than 351
Refinement Over 439
Sensitivity Over 459
Temperament Over 469
Demon Points Less than 100
Trust with Father Over 300

Methods of gaining trust points:

  • Talking to Patricia every month,
  • Giving her a present on her birthday,
  • Taking holidays with her

Note: Avoid Patricia working jobs in the Dark Alley ( Sleazy Bar, Casino) as it will lower trust points with you.


Prerequisites for the marriage to father ending

Required events:

This event is required to trigger the 'Marriage with Father' ending. On the last year of March (1448), Patricia will go to you and ask you whether you want her to continue staying with you even after she reaches adulthood and would normally require to leave and pursue a life of her own. You need to pick the first choice (Agree) in order to help trigger this ending.


Your daughter decides to have a talk with you were she confesses that she has romantic feelings for you. You then have a choice whether to reprociate her feelings or not. To finally trigger this ending you need to pick the first option (Rejecting her feelings will prompt her to marry a normal male).

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