Your Daughter becomes a maid.


Olive grows up being good at...well, nothing. Your daughter can't find a job so she stays back at home and just helps with the chores. A rather dull ending.

To do well at this "job", she needs to have a good relationship value with her father.

Ranking: Edit

The gods proclaim that it's too bad, but console themselves by commenting that it's atleast some sort of life. This ending grants 50 points.

Stats RequiredEdit

Just keep all her reputations below 211 points and within a 50 point difference of each other. Don't make her work much at any of the part time jobs. For more information on the latter condition, see Part/Full Time Work Endings.

Other InformationEdit

This ending is easy to get, it just involves doing nothing of worth for a long time. Often the reputations she is born with are low enough to get this ending. Working anywhere for long will make Olive take up part time work there at 18, you need to avoid that and just while away time as fast as possible. If you want Olive to get good stats/skills and still obtain this ending, you can try making her highly delinquent and get her arrested. This often gets her reputations down enough to get this ending.

One quick way of getting this ending is to continuously send Olive for adventuring and then make her exit immediately. Her reputations will be unchanged and none of her stats and skills will be affected.

For building up a relationship, use vacations and talk to her every month. Do not rest during the Harvest Festival. Housework sessions help out too so long as you don't overdo them. If she somehow falls sick, which is rare unless she has A type blood, tend to her if you can afford it. There should be no need to give her free time, she's not going to do a lot of work.

Having a good father-daughter relationship is needed to do well at this ending. If you don't have a good relationship, she will hardly ever speak to you and ignore you in the denouement.

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