Maid Cafe

Maid Cafe

This is a place to grab a bite to eat or meet up with friends.

What choices do you have?Edit

Look at the menu
Look around

Option What it does How much time it takes
Look at the merchandise Lets you see what you can buy None
Look around

Get a description of the store


Meet up with a friend if one is here

Talk Talk to the sales lady None
Leave Return to the town map none

Department store town map

Department store town map

Where can I find this place?Edit

The Maid Cafe is located in the Anime Store, which is circled in red in the picture to the right. When you are in the Anime Store, pick the second option and you will be in the Maid Cafe. Click on the picture to the right to enlarge it.

What is happening here?Edit

Elementary School Junior High School High School
1pm Sayori is here
3pm Ryuunosuke is here Ryuunosuke is here

What can I buy?Edit

Item Name What does it do? Item Price
Coffee Stress -2 180円
Tea Stress -2 180円
Cream Soda Weight +.01, Stress -10 500円
Pudding a la mode Weight +0.2, Stress -20 800円
Extra-large chocolate & fruit parfait Weight +.05, Stress -30 2,000円
Pumpkin Pie (during October) Weight +0.1, Constitution +2, Stress -15 450円 Return to the maid shop

Note that, as with all stores, you may not be able to buy all items at the beginning of the game, and that not all items can be used throughout all of the game.

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