Lefto Or (better known as Leftor) is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Leftor is the town fencing instructor, and is famous all around the country as a warrior. He holds outdoor lessons on fencing, where he mainly lectures his students and drinking heavily while they practice their swordsmanship.

He always participates in the Combat Tournament during the Harvest Festival. He is first on the list of possible champions.

If Olive qualifies for the Fighting Instructor ending, he promises to help her set up a fighting school.

Combat Stats Edit

HP: 328

Morale: 300

MP: 0

Inspite of his reputation, he's not that hard though his attacks can hurt quite a bit. Magical attacks work better than melee ones.


  • Let's just get right down to it and begin practice.
  • My last name is Or, my first name is Lefto. Call me Leftor.
  • My style of teaching is a little rough, but it's good experience and you'll find it quite useful.
  • That's all for now. Don't forget to practice regularly.

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