Leather Armor
Leather armor
Vital statistics
Type Armor
Effects Combat Defense +8
Source Armorer, Venezaro(drop), Troll(drop)
Cost to buy 98 G
Cost to sell 49 G
The Leather Armor is a light, tough armor made of animal hides that is treated with oil. It raises Combat Defense by 8 points.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the armorer. The Leather Armor can be purchased for 98 G. Alternatively, Venezaro, one of the bandits, drops it on defeat, as do the trolls in the Southern Lakes.

Notes Edit

There's no good reason to buy leather armor. The +8 Defense is barely noticeable in combat, most of the time it only shaves off like 3-5 damage off a successful attack. It's better to save that money and put it into an early sword, though you probably won't need that either if you explore well.


The leather armor is one of three armors that doesn't count as iron, rather obviously.

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