Your daughter is the first ever female knight.

The Knight from the Royal Palace comes to meet the Daughter, telling her that she's been appointed as the kingdom's first ever female knight. She accepts the spot and promises to fill everyone's expectations.


"That is not so each her own."

Stat RequirementsEdit

Refinement = At least 150

Morals = At least 30

Fighting Reputation = 380

Magic Reputation = 240

Social Reputation = 240

Housework Reputation = 240

Additional InformationEdit

Morals are very important in this ending for your daughter to do well. If she has low morals (30-50?) then she will use her postition for her own personal gain; eating at restraunts for free, demanding insane discounts. If they're in the 100 range she will commit mistakes but more out of inexperience than malice, and she'll say that she still has lots to learn.