Vital statistics
Type Weapon
Effects + 20 Combat Attack, + 10 Combat Skill
Source Armorer
Cost to buy 2000 G
Cost to sell 1000 G
The Katana is a single-edged sword imported from the East. It has a thin, magnificent blade. It raises Combat Attack by 20 point and Combat Skill by 10 points.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the armorer. The katana can be purchased for 2000 G.

Alternatively, open a chest in the Northern Glaciers to get it.

Notes Edit

The katana is the best weapon you can obtain from the armorer. There is a catch however: you can obtain the katana from the Northern Glaciers for free. It's not hard to explore the Northern Glaciers and avoid battles. So there's a choice to be made between selling this off for money, or keeping it.

If you're planning to develop combat skills early on, it's prudent to keep this. It will save a lot of money in the long run and you won't need to bother with any of the armorer's weapons. If you're holding off raising combat skills, it's okay to sell it and invest the money into something else. The katana may be the costliest weapon at the armory, but it's not that costly as an item, and once you've maxed your combat attack and skill, the bonuses are very handy. It's especially important to equip this if you're against the War God, every little bit of extra skill and damage helps.

If you do unlock Valkria's sword, feel free to sell it off. It has better raises to combat attack and skill, and even helps out with combat defense. Also it's not made of iron.

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