Description Edit

The Court Jester drops by to visit Olive, and she confides in him about her desire to put her Conversational skills to good use. She then asks him what she should do to become a Jester. He tries to dissuade her since a hero's daughter shouldn't be a Jester, but when she tells him that she's determined to do it and that he inspired her, he tells her to try and to never give up. And so, Olive decides to be a Jester...

Ranking Edit

Beta version: "Well, that is not so bad... To each her own."

Refine: "Taking up a post like this is not bad... Everyone has to find their own way..."

Stats Required Edit

To get the Jester ending, you need to have befriend the Jester and have 80 points of Art and 80 points in conversation. Befriending the Jester requires you to have at least 40 points in conversation and high sensitivity.

Other InformationEdit

This ending is obtained by becoming close friends with the Jester at the palace.

Sensitivity and constitution plays a major role in Olive's success. At the worst, all of her study in the arts will cause her to not get a job. At best, right as she's finishing her Jester training, the Royal Family hires her as such, and she becomes a valuable member of the royal family's court.