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Intelligence is one of 10 main stats in Princess Maker 2. It shows Olive's smartness and knowledge.

School/Work Effects

School/Job Gain/Loss
Science class +1-12 per day, raises with level
Theology class +1-3 per day, raises with level
Strategy class +1-5 per day, raises with level
Poetry class +0-4 per day, raises with level
Bar work -2 per day
Cabaret work -1 per day

Other gains/losses

Item/Event/Misc. Gain/Loss
Books +8 per book
Neptune's and Mercury's blessing +100 points
Lucifon's gift +1-45 points



Intelligence directly determines how many times the player can cast magic. 1 point of Intelligence grants 1 MP. 10 MP is used per spell cast. The power ring circumvents this mostly, but it has huge caveats.

Minister of State:

The Minister of State likes intelligent people, and Olive being more Intelligent will make him raise more of her Popularity at the Palace. Every 10 Intelligence points is worth 1 Popularity.

Work performance:

Olive needs to be intelligent enough to aid hunter Ko well, or effectively tutor the Countess' son. She won't work well at either if she doesn't have enough Intelligence, and Stress raising close to her Intelligence will deteriorate her performance gradually.


Intelligence is a pretty significant stat for the ending. It determines what endings the player gets, and it also affects Olive's performance in several high ranked endings. For example, Intelligence can make Olive a Scholar instead of an Arch Bishop or Cabinet Minister, and it makes her work well as a General.

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