Ice Shard is an item that raises Constitution by 10 and relieves 10 Stress. It's worth 600 G.

Ice Shard
Brittle cool flakes
Vital statistics
Type Stat boost, Stress relief
Effects Constitution +10, Stress -10
Source Chest in Northern Glaciers, Ice balls(drop)
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 300 G

How to Obtain Edit

  • One ice shard is found in a chest in the Northern Glaciers.
  • Ice balls sometimes drop this on defeat.

Recommendation Edit

The ice shard is one of the few ways to raise Constitution without any negative effects. Ice balls are easy to defeat too, due to their low HP. However, they don't drop any money and so aren't good for extended farming.

The stress relief is not much really, but it can help a bit, especially if you collect more than 1 of them at a time.


Chest in the Northern Glaciers.

You shouldn't try to sell these much, 300 G does not help much and the raised Constitution ends up being more useful in many ways.

If you do want to sell these to free up space, remember that they will actually give 10 points of stress upon being sold, so be careful. It's still more manageable than selling dolls though.

Uses Edit

  • Sell for half of its value.
  • Keep it to gain Constitution, as well as reduce Stress a bit. (Recommended: if you get good numbers of them that is)

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