Work Hunter
Boss Ko
Stats/Skills Raised Constitution, Combat Skill, Sin
Stat Lowered Refinement
Payment 8 G

"Work as a hunter's assistant, chasing rabbits and deer through feilds and mountains." ~ Cube

Working as a Hunter is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work as a hunter after she turns 12.


Olive follows Ko while he hunts, carrying his arrows and prey. She learns some lessons of combat, but it's a sinful job, and the isolation also makes her worse at socializing.

Recommendation Edit

This job is not worth it. You need good Intelligence to be able to work well here, but in return you get a job that raises your sin and reduces your Refinement for only small boosts to combat skill. Combat skill is easily raised through fighting classes, which are rather inexpensive especially compared to lots of other classes. The Constitution boost doesn't help much, especially since you can get it from farming which you can work at earlier and which pays better. The only time this is possibly useful is if you're trying to inexpensively raise combat skill when you lack money, probably to quickly start adventuring and farming monsters for loot. Forget about using this in the late game either, especially if you're raising Refinement.

Pay Levels Edit

Starting Pay: 8G

First Raise: 10G

Second Raise: 12G

Third Raise: 14G

Fourth Raise: 17G

Stats/Skills AffectedEdit

Constitution: +1/day

Combat Skill: Random raise, + 0 to 1/day

Refinement: -1/day

Sin: Random raise, +0 to 1/day

Stress: +3/day

Hidden Stat: Edit

Maternal Instinct: -1/day

Stats RequiredEdit

Constitution, Intelligence.

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