Olive develops her skills as a Homemaker.

Description Edit

Olive decides to study homemaking so that she can grow up to be a beautiful bride. Considered one of the worse "neutral" endings you can get.

Ranking Edit

The gods lament Olive taking up housework, but console themselves by saying that it's atleast some kind of life.

Stats Required Edit

To get this, all you need is for your Housework Reputation to be the highest and all reputations to not be within the 50 point difference of each other. Alternatively, you get this if you qualify for a Social ending but have a special marriage lined up too.

For some reason, Charisma is checked to determine how well you do at this job. Attractiveness isn't really likely to play a big role in housework, rather it would require stamina or a good temperament.

Other InformationEdit

This ending is worth as many points as becoming a maid or getting a part time job. In short, don't try to aim for this if you want a good score. Also, this is the only ending you can get through raising Housework Reputation.

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