In the small town Olive lives in there is a hospital. Olive can go there only when she is sick.

Dr. Lombardini's HospitalEdit

Dr. Lombardini's Hospital is, of course, owned by Dr. Lombardini. He will only see those who are sick. If you visit him otherwise, he will send you away.

At the hospital you can have your daughter checked over for a fee. He will charge a fee equal to double her sickness percentage.Paying him will reduce stress up to one point less than Constitution(as long as no severe heat/snow storm event reduced it at the end of last month). Else, it reduces it to one point less than the Constitution value before it went down due to the heat/snowstorm. Usually you need to combine this with some other stress relief methods to make Olive fit enough to efficiently work again.


  • If you don't accumulate any more stress, you should recover by next month.
  • My price for an examination is 28G. Is that all right?
  • This is my hospital. Please come see me when you're sick.
  • Well now, let's have a look at you.

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