Description Edit

Olive embarks on an adventure, just like her dear old Dad. She even rejects an invitation from the King and the General to be the next General for the Kingdom, since she wants to see the world for herself like her father did when young. With her dad's blessings and Cube's best wishes, she takes off..

Ranking Edit

"Amazing, that's not an easy thing to do."

Stats Required Edit

Intelligence: 300

Sensitivity: 500

Faith: 400

Fighting Reputation: 420 or greater

Magic Reputation: 370

Social Reputation: 370

Housework Reputation: 370

Other InformationEdit

Morals makes her better at her job. If they're under 100, she will be a very efficient warrior but also very arrogant, and the crowds will be disappointed on her when she returns home.

If they go past 100, she will first free a country from a demon and his troops, then she will keep travelling and saving different lands.

With a morality of above 600, she defeats a dragon that is ruling a distant kingdom.

If faith is higher you may get the General ending instead.

If her intelligence is higher than your sensitivity, you will get the General ending.


  • Achieved with 100 intelligence, 300 magic reputation 200 social reputation, no significant domestic reputation, but almost maxed strength and constitution, 500 faith, and 700 fighter reputation. Possibly faith and fighter reputation are more important to get this ending then the rest of the stats.