Healing Pill
Quick and handy medicine!
Vital statistics
Type Health restoration
Effects Heals random amount, approx. 20 - 50
Source Pawn Shop, Adventuring(random find)
Cost to buy 30 G
Cost to sell 15 G
The Healing Pill is essential equipment for adventuring. It restores some HP that might be lost during a battle.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the Pawn Shop. The Healing Pill can be purchased for 30 G.

Notes Edit

The healing pill is an item that heals damage sustained while adventuring. It can be used while in combat or camping. It heals approximately 20-50 HP. Generally, healing pills are useful for early adventuring when your fighting skills won't be high enough and so you will take a few hits in fights. They also work well for out tanking formidable enemies, like the War God.

Naturally, they stop being useful once you develop your fighting skills or stats to talk with most monsters encountered.

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