Fighter StatisticsEdit

HP: 61-80
MP: 383-394
Fighter Rep: 168-171
Magic Rep: 173-176
Morale: 55-65


  • Sinners are destined to become countrymen of the Prince of Darkness...
  • Strange to see a human girl...
  • This is no place for a girl to come...
  • This is the realm of the dead...
  • Those who do not believe in God are fated to drown in sin...
  • Travel on the path of faith...

Other InfoEdit

Harpies will sometimes carry gold or Fairy Nectar that you can confiscate upon defeating them.

Each Harpy gives out at least 200-240 gold when defeated. As Harpies generally have very low Health and Morale compared to most other enemies in the Western Desert, they are therefore very good for farming for gold if you have either Combat Attack or Magic Attack maxed out, as you can then one-shot them fairly easily. Just watch your Karma, however; If you're also here to exchange stats with Lucifon, the Karma from farming a lot of Harpies can quickly add up.

You need at least 400 Faith to talk with a Harpy.

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