The Grenade is an explosive made by binding sulfur and saltpeter together with

Fiery ball of doom!
Vital statistics
Type Secondary attack
Effects Random damage, approx. 1 - 80
Source Pawn Shop, Adventuring(random find)
Cost to buy 100 G
Cost to sell 50 G
fire magic. When low on combat or magic skill it can be useful to have on hand.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the Pawn Shop. The Grenade can be purchased for 100 G.

Notes Edit

The grenade is used only while fighting during an adventure. It always hits the enemy it's thrown at. It deals a wide range of damage, from around 1 to 80, usually within 40-60 points. Enemies resistant to melee attacks seem to take less damage from it overall.

The grenade is not good as an attack since it costs money and you can never score critical hits with it or improve it through bonuses or equipment. But since it does damage independent of your combat related skills, it can be used as a safeguard while gathering treasure from early adventuring.

The grenade also has a small quirk, it does not lower the morale of the enemy being attacked. This makes it useful for farming demons in the Western Desert for the Demon Dress.

Grenades are also helpful for magic casters who haven't developed much Intelligence yet.

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