This is the default marriage ending. To get this, all you need is a morality rating of 30 or above by the end.


Olive marries a knight, wizard or merchant depending on several factors, mostly related to the Fighter, Magic and Housework Reputations. This grants 20 points to the score.

If Olive happens to have a Charisma of 200 or higher, the ending talks about suitors flocking to marry her and describe her as beautiful and fascinating. This gives 40 points to the score.

If she lacks enough Morality, Olive will simply comment on how she can't find a man that she wants to marry and remains single. The Gods will be displeased for it and there'll be no additional points.

External links Edit

  1. YouTube video of Olive being a part time church worker and marrying a knight.
  2. YouTube video of Olive working as a part time lumberjack and marrying a knight with high Charisma.