General Kruger

"I just love talking with young women!" ~ General

General Elwin Johanes Ogden Kruger (also known as "The Invincible General") is a character in Princess Maker 2.

General Kruger provides lectures on strategy. Olive can also talk with him at the castle if she has good Decorum. The general prefers girls who are alluring.

General Kruger sometimes acts as a judge during the Cooking Contest and is always the overseer of the Combat Tournament at the Harvest Festival. If you sell off the royal sword, he chides Olive over it and you lose half of your popularity with him. He also plays a role in some endings.


50+ Decorum


  • Hahaha! They say great men have a weakness for feminine charms!
  • Refinement isn't all there is to being a lady. A lady must also think about what she can do to make men happy.

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