A carriage stops by the protagonist's residence, and Olive is told to go to the palace. This is because the King and the about-to-retire General want her to become the next General in the King's army. Olive isn't very convinced at first, but the old General tells her that she can study and prepare under his care. This convinces her to take up the post.

Ranking: Edit

That is wonderful, you must be proud.

Stat RequirementsEdit

Intelligence = 500

Morals = 30

Faith = 400

Sensitivity = 300

Fighting Reputation = 421

Magic Reputation = 370

Social Reputation = 370

Housework Reputation = 370

Highest reputation should be Fighting and must exceed lowest reputation by 50

Alternate way to get this ending:

decorum = 100 (Max)

Art skill = 100 (Max)

Combat Skill (CBT Skill) = 100 or over

Attack = 100 or over

Defense = 100 or over

Sensitivity = ~ 300

Intelligence = no intelligence is needed. Recommended to be over 500, or your Daughter won't do her job properly.

Need to talk to the king a few times. Your daughter needs 100 decorum to speak to the king. The king will give you more "connection" the more fighting reputation you have. (Fighting reputation = Attack + Defense + CBT Skill)

Fighting reputation = has to be around 500 (480 maybe)

Other InformationEdit

High intelligence is required for your daughter's success in this ending.

If your daughter's intelligence is high enough (over 500), war will hardly happen with her in charge.

If the daughter's intelligence is somewhere in the middle (300-500), she will quickly learn to adapt to situations which will help her.

If your daughter's intelligence is not high enough (under 300), war will eventually break out. During one campaign she will suffer an arrow injury and be forced to retire from her position. Your daughter will then regret being so foolhardy as the scene fades out.

If moral is higher you may get the Hero ending instead.

Some have managed to get this ending without the required social and housework reputation. The reports mention maxing out decorum and art though while also having talked to the king a few times while combat stats were all over 100. Sensitivity but was slightly below 300.