This nameless, yet handsome fellow often appears when Olive is at least fourteen and has Charisma as her


highest stat. He will invite her to dinner. Usually if she is stressed, she agrees and she goes off with him to the shopping district. Following this a LOVE icon will appear in her status box. If she doesn't agree, nothing happens.


When this icon appears you can expect your daughter to daydream a lot. She will doze in class, wasting her tuition money; do poorly at her work and often wish to have free time. This lasts for three months.

To avoid this, keep her morals high and she will usually refuse him when he asks her out. Alternatively, just keep her Charisma from being the highest stat.

In DepthEdit

In truth he is the owner of a "house of ill repute" in the red-light district. He uses his good looks, clever words and persistent attitude to lure charismatic women into working in his establishment. In the Refined Harlot ending, he manages to convince her and she becomes the best prostitute in his high-class brothel.


  • Hey, Miss. Where are you off to? How about having dinner together? My treat.
  • (snort) Why worry about your father?
  • Yes! I'm in luck!


In the Sega Saturn guide book Princess Maker 2 O Isshō Tanoshimu Hon he's known as "ナンパ野郎", or basically "Flirty Asshole".