"I am what you long to be, your life's goal, the greatest sorceress in the world... Fay!" ~ Fay

Fay is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Fay is an egotistical sorceress who likes people who devote themselves to the art of magic.

She raises Olive's magical skills.

First VisitEdit

Once Olive's Magical Reputation is 100 and she's done 4 Magic class sessions, Fay introduces herself at the end of the month. She grants Olive 3 extra points of Magical Skill.

Second VisitEdit

Once Olive's Magical Reputation is 200 and she's done 8 magic class sessions, Fay returns. She's pleased with Olive's progress, and grants Olive 4 extra points of Magical Attack.

Third VisitEdit

If Olive attends 16 magic class sessions while gaining 300 Magical Reputation, Fay returns. Once more, she's pleased with Olive's progress, and grants Olive 5 extra points of Magical Defense.

Fourth Visit Edit

If Olive attends 32 magic class sessions with 400 Magical Reputation, Fay returns. She grants Olive her last gift, the power ring. It lets Olive cast spells without using MP.

Extra VisitsEdit

If you fill up all 3 parts of a month with magic classes, Fay will show up at the end of the month and will ask you to choose a magic skill to raise. The skill will be increased by 20% of its number, so it's best used after they're maxed out.

Magical Attack is the best choice for raising, since it makes your spells hit quite hard. Magical Defense is rarely used and a Magical Skill at around 103 points is sufficient to dodge most enemy spells.

Remember that Fay will show up for this even if you don't have the money or haven't got her to visit regularly, so it could be alternatively used to quickly raise magical attack for early adventuring.


  • Hello to young people all over the country who are studying magic!
  • I'm so glad that you are still studying magic.
  • I just love children who devote themselves to the study of magic.


Fay is likely based loosely on the broad mythology of fairies. Her name derived from the Middle English term faierie, fayerye, feirie or fairie.

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