Description Edit

Olive declares her love for you and asks you to marry her. You realize your love for her and accept her request.

Ranking Edit

The patron god finds your marriage to Olive surprising, but decides it's alright if you truly love her, since you're not related to her by blood.

Stats Required Edit

Morality: 100+

Faith: 100+

Sin: Less than 100

Intelligence, Refinement, Charisma: More than twice of Morality/Faith.

Other Information Edit

Olive must have a relationship of 100% with her father. To do this you need to rely on housework, vacations, and talking with her every month. Avoid using free time and the sleazy bar near the end game, and turn down any suitors who show up.

Tips and Tricks Edit

You need to raise Olive's relationship with her father upto 100% and not let it drop at the endgame. This is tricky since lots of things reduce it. Relationship with father is a hidden stat, and the only way of knowing its exact value is to make her delinquent and scold her, which is risky.

One possible way of raising the other stats is to raise Morality and Faith to around 200, and then to focus on raising the other three stats. It's not too hard to raise Charisma and Refinement above 400, though it will take some dedication.

Try not to let Olive to fall "in love", it will lower her relationship by 6%. While this can be recovered from easily, you're better off not having extra reductions, especially since it's so easily reduced.

Housework is a good way to raise relationship with father. It's even worth using in the late game if you're not too worried about over raising Housework reputation or losing Sensitivity, and it's not very stressful either.

External links Edit

  1. YouTube video of Olive becoming the Ruling Queen and marrying the father.
  2. YouTube video of Olive marrying the Prince and her father feeling troubled about it.

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