Description Edit

Lorich, a young farmer, introduces himself to Cube and the Daughter and then asks her to marry him. She asks him why would he want her to be his wife and he tells her that he was captivated by her beautiful eyes, which seem to have a mysterious power of sorts. The Daughter thinks of this and, once he leaves, she decides to marry him, telling Cube that sometimes loves strikes people all of a sudden.

Ranking Edit

Beta version: "Too bad, but at least that is some kind of life."

Refine version; "I guess there's nothing you can do about taking that post. Such is life"

Requirements Edit

Intelligence: 100

Sensitivity: 500

Fighting Reputation: 87

Magic Reputation: 98

Social Reputation: 275

Housework Reputation: 90

Other Information Edit

If there are other marriage endings aligned, you won't get this ending.

If the Daughter has good Strength (at least over 300), it will help her greatly. Since she and her husband start rather poor and must relay on working in his tiny farm to make a living, a strong Daughter will be the key behind their next and very abundant harvest. They have a little son almost immediately afterwards and it's said that their life will be full of work, but ultimately happy.