Faith is one of the 10 main stats of Princess Maker 2. It shows how much faith Olive has in her religion.

School/Job Effects Edit

School/Job Gain/Loss
Church work +2 per day
Science class - 0-3 per day, raises with level
Theology class +1-5 per day, raises with level
Sleazy Bar work -3 per day

Other gains/losses Edit

Event/Item/Misc. Gain/Loss
Fighting random guards/civilians -10 per person
Lucifon's gift - 1-10 points
Jupiter's blessing +100 points

Effects/Uses: Edit

Stress tolerance: Edit

Much like Morality, Faith determines how much Olive can take before she turns delinquent. It's required to raise either this or Morality for Olive to work efficiently.

Arch Bishop: Edit

The Archbishop likes people who're faithful, and he will raise Olive's influence higher at the Palace if she's more faithful. Every 10 points of Faith give one point of Popularity.

Monsters: Edit

High Faith allows Olive to talk to some monsters, like the harpies in the Western Desert or the black mermaids in the Southern Lakes.

Running away: Edit

When Olive is prone to running away, high Faith lowers her chances of that, along with high Temperament and a good relationship with her father.

Work performance: Edit

Faith determines how well Olive works at the graveyard. Low faith and stress being as high as faith causes disturbances to appear frequently.

Ending: Edit

Faith plays a role in some endings. Unsurprisingly, it determines how well Olive does as a Church Worker, alongside Morality.

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