Fairy Nectar is an item that boosts Charisma by 10 points. It's worth 200 G.

How to Obtain Edit

Fairy Nectar
Delicate drops of magic
Vital statistics
Type Stat boost
Effects Charisma +10
Source Chest in Southern Lakes, Pseudo Dragons(drop), Harpies(drop), Random find
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 100 G
  • Fairy nectar can be obtained from a chest in the Southern Lakes.
  • Pseudo dragons and harpies sometimes drop it when defeated.
  • It can occasionally be found lying around if Olive has high Sensitivity (around 200 or more).

Recommendation Edit

Charisma is tricky to raise conventionally without any stat penalties. Pseudo dragons aren't worth farming, but harpies are since they go down rather quickly to maxed out melee and magic attacks and drop a lot of money.


Chest in the Southern Lakes.

This shouldn't be the sole way you raise Charisma though, it's quite slow and rather unreliable. Use it in conjunction with several other Charisma bonuses though, and it will help out quite nicely.

Another neat thing about these items is that they can be used to fine tune Olive's Charisma to prevent situations like falling "in love".

It should be obvious that most of the time you want to hold on to these, the 100 G you get from selling each of them is a joke.

Uses Edit

  • It can be sold for half its value.
  • Keep it for a raise to Charisma. (Recommended)

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