Year 1440Edit

First Harvest FestivalEdit

CG- First Harvest Festival 1

How to get it: Attend the first year's Harvest Festival (in September). You will automatically receive both of the two CGs.

CG- First Harvest Festival 2
What event do you and your daughter go to first?
Choice Effect
Fighting contest Nothing
Dancing Contest +Refinement
Art Contest +Sensitivity
Your daughter asks if she will be as strong as the fighters someday.
Choice Effect
Tell her that she will be. +Fighting Ability, +Pride, -Refinement, -Sensitivity
Tell her that it is better if she acts like a girl. -Fighting Ability, +Refinement, +Appeal
Don't say anything. -Pride, +Temperament

First ChristmasEdit

CG First Christmas (PM4)

How to get it: You automatically receive it at the first Christmas of the game.

Your daughter asks if the dress that Cube bought for her suits her.
Choice Effect
Praise the dress  ?
Say it looks bad  ?
Don't say anything.  ?

Year 1441Edit

Harvest FestivalEdit

CG Win Harvest Festival 1 (PM4)
{C}How to get it: Your daughter must come in first place in either the Fighting Contest, the Dance Contest, or the Art contest in one of the years from 1441-?.

Future Event Trigger WarningEdit

If you take a vacation with your daughter sometime from December 1441 to February 1442, you will be able to access a CG from December 1442 to February 1443 if you have your daughter rest. So if you want the CG, be sure to go on a vacation with her.

Second Christmas: Present for PapaEdit

CG Second Christmas (PM4)
{C}How to get it: You will automatically receive this CG at the Christmas of the year 1441, the second Christmas with your daughter.
Your daughter asks if you like the present she got you.
Choice Effect
Tell her you like it.  ?
Tell her you don't like it.  ?
Tell her not to buy expensive things.  ?

Year 1442Edit

Confrontation with other childrenEdit

Confrontation with other children (PM4)

How to get it: You will automatically receive this CG in between January and February of the year 1442.

Children are being mean to your daughter.
Choice Effect
Help your daughter +Relationship with father
Watch her +Pride

Boys harass Christina and MarieEdit

How to get it: Go on a town visit in March of 1442 and go to the town square.

Boys Harass (PM4)
Your daughter asks what you think about what happened
Choice Effect
Tell her that it cannot be permitted.  ?
Tell her to beat up the boys +Fighting Ability
Tell her to forgive the boys +Temperment

Who is this beautiful woman?Edit

CG Who is this beautiful woman (PM4)

How to get it: You will automatically receive this CG in between March and April of the year 1442.

Your daughter asks who portrayed in the painting she found.
Choice Effect
Tell her it is an old acquaintance. +Temperament
Tell her that Cube knows who it is. +Sensitivity
Don't say anything.  ?

Hot Springs with friendsEdit

CG Hot Spring with Friends (PM4)

How to get it: If you did as the Future Event Trigger Warning: Hot Spring with Friends said and went on a vacation with your daughter sometime from December 1441 to February 1442, you will be eligable to receive this CG. You must have your daughter rest sometime from December 1442 to February; if you do, she will ask if she can go to the Hot Springs with her friends. If you say yes, they will go and you will receive the CG. If you say no, you will not. This event counts as a rest, not a vacation, so it does not have the cost requirement that a vacation does.

Third Christmas: Christmas with FriendsEdit

CG Third Christmas (PM4)

How to get it: You automatically receive it at Christmas of year 1442.

Year 1443Edit

Meeting Demons in Dark TownEdit

Meeting Demons in Dark Town (PM4)

How to get it: Go to Dark Town starting March of 1443 and you will automatically get this CG.

A demon asks your daughter to play with him.
Choice Effect
Follow the demon +Sinfulness
Don't follow the demon +Morals

Note that going to Dark Town always raises your daughter's Sinfulness, so in the end she will gain sinfulness regardless of which choice you pick.

Demon Heritage & Talking Stuffed BearsEdit

Kuma Speaks (PM4)

How to get: Automatically gained between the 5th and 6th month of 1443. Your daughter's demon blood finally awakens enough that she is able to hear the voice of Kuma, a stuffed bear given to her by her mother Isabelle. Cube offers to explain how to keep your daughter's demon blood repressed. In short, buying Holy Water from the Church will decrease your daughter's demon blood by a certain amount each time you buy it, and her demon blood will increase if she goes into the demon realm or if you buy things from the demon realm.


CG Dress-up (PM4)

How to get it: Have your daughter rest on the 10th or 11th month of the year 1443. You will then acquire it automatically.

Fourth ChristmasEdit

CG Fourth Christmas (PM4)

You automatically receive this CG on Christmas of the year 1443.

Year 1444Edit

Stranger on a White HorseEdit

CG Stranger on a White Horse

How to get it: Automatically received in Month 4 of year 1444. This is the starting event of the Charles branch of the game (needed for both the Human Prince marriage and True Heroine Ending). Additional events and CGs for the Charles branch can be found on the Charles Events page.

An Odd Boy AppearsEdit

CG- An odd boy appears

How to get it: Go to the City Square/ Street/ Busy Street/ Market from the 10th month of the year 1444 to the 3 month of the year 1445 and you will automatically receive this CG. If you want to continue on with Lee's events, you must choose OK.

An odd boy asks your daughter out
Choice Effect
OK -5 Morals, +10 Appeal, +5 Trust with Lee
Refuse +5 Morals, +5 Pride, Lee will never appear again!

Additional events and CGs for the Lee branch can be found on the Lee Events page or at the Princess Maker 4 Facebook: Lee Event Guide page.

Fifth ChristmasEdit

CG Fifth Christmas (PM4)

How to get it: Automatically recieved on Christmas of year 1444 month 12.

The Bishop asks if your daughter is going to follow the path of God.
Choice Effect
I hope she will. +Morals, -Temperament
That is not my intention for her. +Stamina, -Morals
I hope she does what she wants to do. ?

Lize's Father DiesEdit

Rize's Father

How to get it: Automaticlly recieved in year 1445 month 2

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