Dragon Tights
Dragon Tights
Vital statistics
Type Dress
Effects + 28 Charisma, + 12 Magical Defense
Source Grandfather Dragon
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 600 G
The Dragons Tights is a rare item of clothing in the Princess Maker 2 game that can only be obtained from the Grandfather Dragon. According to him they are "famous among swingers". Wearing it raises Charisma by 28 points and Magical Defense by 12 points.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to the Western Desert. First, your daughter must enter the Ancient Ruins and pass the Dragon guarding them by either defeating him or paying a toll he demands. In the center of the Ancient Ruins rests an old Dragon. If your daughter is below 15 he will send her away. If she is 15 or older but has low Charisma he will suggest she works on that.

If she is 15 or older and has 100+ Charisma, the Grandfather Dragon will ask her to approach. If she agrees he will give her a kiss (lick). In apology to his teasing he will gift her with the Dragon Tights. The tights are worth 1200 G.

Other InfoEdit

There is a weight restriction on this item.

This improves Olive's performance at the dance party, however both the leather dress and the demon dress are better for this. Since it's given for free and is convenient to get, it might be more practical than those.


The dialogue with the Grandfather Dragon changes slightly if she has taken the Buxomize Pill.

It can be worn for the Dance Party at the Harvest Festival.

It's the only dress, and one of only three items that raise magical defense.