• Lee will always ask you on a date. However your answer at his short events won't have any effect.
  • He can be usually found at busy street and city square
Stat requirements for Lee marriage ending:
Stamina: 600+
Charm: 600+
Moral: 250~400
Sensitivity: Lower than 800.
Martial Arts: 500+
Magic Arts: 70+
Trust for Lee: 75+

Miscellaneous Requirements:

Other requirements:

  • Your daughter must agree to go on a date with Lee the first time she meets him. If she does not, she will never see Lee again..
  • Your daughter must see Lee's true formin the demon world.
  • Your daughter must experience the event where Lee and Baroa fight, and she must choose Lee over Baroa in the fight.
  • Have a few magic lessons and boost up sensitivity and fighting arts.

Event Requirements:

1444 yr

Lee's First Appearance CG

1444 yr 10 mth ~ 1445 yr 3 mth, City Square/ Street/ Busy Street/ Market

Lee asks your daughter out on a date. If she refuses, Lee will never appear again.

  • OK: -5 Integrity, +10 Charm, +5 Trust with Lee
  • Decline: +5 Integrity, +5 Pride, you will never see Lee again!

Decisions decisions . . .

1444 yr 10 mth ~ 1446 yr 3 mth, City Square

Prerequisites: Choose OK when the event "Introducing Lee!" occurs, (+5 Trust with Lee)

Your daugher sees Lee and goes up to greet him, but is shocked to see him holding a newt and geko and trying to decide which to eat first. Lee explains that they are delicious to eat, and then asks if she wants to go on a date with him.

So energetic!

1444 yr 10 mth ~ 1446 yr 3 mth, Market

Prerequisites: Choose OK when the event "Introducing Lee!" occurs.

More event info coming soon.

Information on stat requirements, event requirements, and event triggers used with permission from and much appreciation to Xenya of the Princess Maker 4 Facebook Page.. Click here to see the original page.

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