Dragon Fang
A coveted trophy
Vital statistics
Type Reputation boost
Effects Fighter Reputation +20
Source Western Desert chest, Dragons
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 1100 G
The dragon fang is an item that raises your Fighter Reputation by 20 directly. It's worth 2200 G.

How to Obtain Edit

  • The dragon fang can be obtained from a treasure chest found early in the Western Desert.
  • Dragons drop this on occasion while defeated.

Recommendation Edit

At first, the dragon fang may seem like a good way to boost your fighter reputation once you've got most of your combat skills maxed out, or a good way to earn money. However, dragons are not good for farming. They have lots of HP, good defense against both melee and magic attacks, and ran away frequently.

If you do manage to get one of these from a dragon, it's often better to sell these. Fighter Reputation isn't


Chest in the Western Desert.

that hard to raise. There are many bonuses for Fighter Reputation throughout the game, like defeating the bandits in melee combat, leaving an area from its alternate entrance(if fighter reputation is greater than magic), winning Combat Tournaments etc.

Uses Edit

  • Sell this item for half its value. (Recommended)
  • Keep it for a boost to your fighter reputation.

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