The Doll is said to be made by a master craftsman. It raises Sensitivity by 5

A charming little toy!
Vital statistics
Type Stat boost/stress relief
Effects Sensitivity +5, Stress - 40
Source Pawn Shop
Cost to buy 120 G
Cost to sell 60 G
points and decreases stress by 40 points.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the Pawn Shop. The Doll can be purchased for 120G.


Dolls are the second most efficient stat raising item at the pawn shop. They also reduce stress points. Since dolls can be bought multiple times they can help with quickly clearing away a lot of stress.

However, sometimes you won't want to buy them since Sensitivity being too high can make her run away. They also will raise stress if you sell them afterwards.

These cost less than poetry books and raise more Sensitivity overall, but poetry books occupy less space overall and don't raise stress upon being sold.

One strategy to efficiently manage stress is to get one of these as a birthday gift; it will immediately get rid of a lot of stress without interrupting Olive's schedule, which can be handy.

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