This balding, middle-aged man often appears when Olive is fifteen or older and has Charisma as her


highest statistic. He always offers her a proposition.


This man will stop Olive on her way home and offer her a way to get more spending money. He is willing to pay her money every month, but for a price. She must become his mistress.

Olive will often accept his proposition when he stops her mid-month. Occasionally she will refuse, but the stats which cause her to refuse are unknown (probably involving lack of Stress and decent Morality). A very high relationship with her father seems to help.

Olive can choose to stop serving the man at the end of the month if she has very high Morality. If her relationship with father is fairly high, you can also scold her to stop her from serving him.

If Olive remains his mistress, she will be paid a small amount every month but her Morality and Refinement will drop.

A man very similar to this one will be featured in the Mistress ending, taking the Daughter in as his live-in lover.

In DepthEdit

The "Dirty Old Man" is actually named Brudin. He is a rich landowner. Whenever he asks Olive to be his Mistress he already is married and even has children.


  • Hello, Miss. May I speak with you for a moment?
  • I'm very rich.
  • I'll get right to the point. Will you become my mistress?
  • Miss, wouldn't you like to have some more spending money?


In the Sega Saturn guide book Princess Maker 2 O Isshō Tanoshimu Hon he's known as "スケベオヤジ", or basically "Perverted Old Man".