Cube T. Butler is your butler in Princess Maker 2, 4 and 5. He is of a demon race (Olive has mentioned him to be of a magic race, though). In the Princess of Darkness ending of PM2, Lucifon mentions that he is a young nobleman of the Underworld. He also makes an appearance as Yucie's steward in Petite Princess Yucie and in Go Go Princess .

Cube in Princess Maker 2Edit

Cube first appears in PM2. According to the manual, he was gifted to you by Lucifon as a token of respect for having beaten him during the demon invasion. He lets you know when it is too cold to vacation in the mountains, when your daughter needs to dress for summer or winter or is becoming rebellious. He can also look after her for you when she is sick. When Olive goes adventuring, Cube can bring her equipment while she's camped, and he automatically rescues her if she is defeated. He also plays a role in several endings.

However, if Cube nurses her and rescues her quite a lot...

Cube Marriage EndingEdit

Olive has a hidden statistic in PM2: Relationship with Cube. This is raised every time Cube rescues her (2 points), brings her equipment (2 points), consoles her after losing the first round of the Combat Tournament(5 points), catches her stealing(5 points) or nurses her back to health (1 point per day). It is quickly raised (20 points) should he rescue her from a bandit that has assaulted her after she loses. The only way to lose it is to have Olive fall "in love"(6 points).

If this statistic reaches 100 and she has no superseding marriage ending lined up, then she will profess her love to Cube. She needs 250+ Sensitivity and 200+ Charisma to propose to Cube too. The gods frown upon this, as Cube is a demon, but begrudgingly accept their love.

Tips and Tricks Edit

It's not very hard to get as long as you raise her relationship and get good Sensitivity and Charisma. Changing equipment a lot during adventures will raise it well, as will rescuing her from a bandit assaulting her or making him nurse her.


  • Good morning, Master. Your butler Cube is at your service.
  • If there is anything you don't understand, please ask me.
  • It's a good thing you're so light!
  • It's so kind of you to come, Mistress.
  • You really make my life easier!
  • You were a great help to me

Cube in Princess Maker 4Edit


Ending With Cube

Cube first appears in PM4 as a servant of Isabelle, Patricia's mother. The player sees him with her holding Patricia in an Oasis after a long expedition to find and rescue Isabelle from the Demon Realm. It's assumed that he began to live with the player and Patricia in order to take care of her and to educate the player on her demon blood.

Cube Marriage EndingEdit

One of the seven marriage endings (including those with unnamed characters) is Patricia's marriage with Cube.

Cube in Princess Maker 5Edit

PM5wp 03L
n Princess Maker 5, Cube is the butler for one of the candidates to become Princess of the Human Kingdom. He escapes with her when assassins killed her parents in hopes of letting her enjoy a normal life.

He can change into a dog in this game.

Cube Marriage EndingEdit

As with previous appearances, Cube is also a marriage candidate for your daughter if you have her work with him, be taken care of by Cube when she is ill, losing fights when adventuring or having Cube handle the assasination fights. Cube and your daughter will be forced to move back to Cube's original hometown in the demon realm however, as Cube is a demon.

Cube In Petite Princess YucieEdit


Cube standing at attention before Yucie's Birthday Dinner.

Cube also appears in the Petite Princess Yucie anime as Yucie's butler. He has the power to summon a magical aid by the name of Soraoto, in which he may buy magical items to help Yucie out with.

External links Edit

  1. YouTube video of Olive becoming a cook at Balbon's restaurant and marrying Cube.
  2. YouTube video of Olive marrying her father and Cube expressing mixed feelings about it.

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