Court Magician


The King and the General summon the Daughter to the palace all of a sudden. After talking to her, they explain the purpose to this reunion: to appoint her as the castle's Head Magician. She's hesitant, but with some reassurance from them she decides to go for it anyway.


Beta: "That's fairly impressive."

Refine: "Congratulations on taking such a fine move"

Stats RequiredEdit

Intelligence = 301 at least, over 500 to get the best results.

Morals = 50

Faith = 400

Sensitivity = 300

Fighting Reputation = 370

Magic Reputation = 421

Social Reputation = 370

Housework Reputation = 370

Other InformationEdit

This is one the endings that was not fully translated into English in the beta version. When the above portrait is shown, a dialogue box will display an error; it is "Unable to locate file EETN05.TXT SYSTEM ERROR". Fortunately, this does not create any glitches to the game itself.

In Refine, the Court Magician ending is fully translated. Different prospect outcomes can take place:

If the Daughter has Intelligence in the 300-500 range, she will be unprepared for her new task and especially while dealing with the prideful mages of the land, but she'll work hard on it anyway and people will be fine with her performance (mostly because of the Father's reputation).

If the Daughter's Intelligence is over 500, she will be ready for her new work since the beginning. Sorcerers of all ages and levels will respect her leadership, and the Realm will flourish and become a haven for magic practitioners.

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