"I am the royal court artist, Filkins." ~ Filkins

Court Artist Filkins is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Filkins is the artist for the royal court. He also gives lectures on art.

Filkins participates in the Art Festival during the Harvest Festival every year. He likes to do paintings of still life, particularly wine glasses.

If Olive qualifies for the Artist ending, he advises Olive to take up painting.

His PaintingsEdit

  • "Butterfly and Small Bird in a Bush"
  • "Officer and Barmaid"
  • "Still Life of Coins and a Wine Glass"
  • "Still Life of the Great Commander Darigan's Lobster and Cup"
  • "Still Life with Nautilas' Wine Glass"
  • "Still Life with Short Wine Glass"
  • "Study of a Horse"
  • "Very Extravagant Dining Table"


  • Come now, let's begin.
  • Thank you very much.
  • That is all for this lesson.
  • This is an extreme honor.
  • Through painting, I will teach you the mysteries of art.

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