Description Edit

Stalton, a local Count, meets up with Cube and the Daughter and proposes to her. When asked why by her, he says that he's fascinated by both her elegance and beauty and assures her that he's not the kind to just look at pretty women. He leaves to wait for the Daughter's reply, and she tells Cube that love strikes suddenly and she will marry him.

Ranking Edit

Original: "Well, that is not so bad... To each her own."

Refine: "Taking up a post like this is not bad... Everyone has to find their own way..."

Requirements Edit

Refinement: 500

Charisma: 100

Fighting Reputation: 197

Magic Reputation: 208

Social Reputation: 345

Housework Reputation: 200

Other Information Edit

There must be no other marriage endings aligned or you won't get this ending.

To do well, the Daughter's Refinement must be extremely high. If it's not over 500, she will live a comfortable yet comparatively dour life with her husband (a typical aristocrat), and will say it's a bit like just marrying into money.

The portraits used in this ending is inspired by the famous portrait of Anne de Cleves, one of Henry VIII's wives, made by Hans Holbein the Younger.