One of the 10 main stats in Princess Maker 2, Constitution shows how healthy Olive is.

Gain/loss from jobs/classes Edit

Job/Class Gain/Loss
Farming work +1 per day
Masonry work +2 per day
Dance class +1 per day

Other gains/losses Edit

Event/Item/Misc. Gain/Loss
Robust Diet +10 per month
Slim Down Diet -5 per month
Weight Loss Diet -20 per month
Meat +15 points
Ice Shard +10 per shard
Paradise Egg(Consume) +50 points
Fairy Ball Random loss
Extreme heat/cold -1/3 Constitution if Summer/Winter dress

unavailable respectively

Lucifon's gift +1-45 points

Effects/Uses Edit

Stress tolerance: Edit

The most obvious use for Constitution, it lets Olive work and study for longer before needing a break. Lots of early game jobs require a minimum amount of Constitution for her to work well, and getting tired at classes uses up money without raising her stats/skills. Building up too much Stress over Constitution makes her sick.

Hitpoints: Edit

Constitution directly determines how many hitpoints she has in battles. Every single point of Constitution is worth 1 HP. You'll want this high if you're going to make her compete in the Arena during the Harvest Festival , and even more if you're sending her to fight the War God.

Endings: Edit

Constitution influences how well Olive works in some endings, mostly in the Part Time Employment ones and the Dancer ending.