Olive growns up to be very charismatic and all the men in the kingdom are in love with her. The king happens to be one of those men, so he summons Olive to the castle and with the help of the Royal Concubine, convinces her to stay with him as a member of his harem...


"That's not so bad, to each her own."

Stats RequiredEdit

Charisma >= 500
Fighter Reputation= 353
Magical Reputation= 342
Social Reputation= 380
Housework Reputation= 301

Other Information Edit

Only 1 Charisma point separates this from the Queen By Marriage ending. Technically, this is the Social ending with the highest stat requirements, yet score wise it is actually worse than the Queen by Marriage ending, as is to be expected. Keep that in mind if you're trying to get a high score.

To succeed in this ending, your daughter will also need high refinement score. If it's high enough, she will be praised for her almost inhuman beauty.