If you're looking for the job called "Church", go here: Church work.
Sister Lee

In the small town Olive lives in there is one church. Olive can go there for prayer, work, Theology classes or for absolving her of Sin.

The ChurchEdit

Sister Lee can be found at the church.

Sister Lee will accept 100G donations, lowering Olive's sin by 10 points per donation.

Other InfoEdit

If you wish to lower Olive's sin but do not want her faith to rise any higher, donating to the church can be useful. If you are aiming for an ending that deals heavily on faith it is best to work at the Church instead.

The church is useful for getting rid of sin without spending a lot of time on church work. It also helps with removing any sin you've got at the endgame.


  • Welcome to this humble church. Will you make a donation of 100G to aid in the Lord's work?
  • Thank you very much. May God bless you both.
  • I see... how unfortunate.

Trivia Edit

The church is the only location in the town with it's own music.

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