Charisma (Glamour in Refine) is one of the main 10 stats in Princess Maker 2.

Work/School EffectsEdit

Work/Class Gain/Loss
Babysitter Work -1 per day
Mason Work -1 per day
Graveyard Work -1 per day
Tutor Work -1 per day
Sleazy Bar Work +2 per day
Cabaret Work +3 per day
Dance Class Random +1/+2 per day, raises with level

Other Ways to Gain/LoseEdit

Event/Item How much
Demon Pendant (Circe's Charm) +100 points
Mermaid's Tear (Mermaid's Prayer) +50 points
Each Birthday Raises by initial value
Venus Jewels (Spirit of the Jewels) +20 points from item

+ How old she is

Lucifon's Gift + 1-45 points
Assaulted by bandit +20 points
Venus' blessing +100 points
Fairy Nectar +10 per bottle
Becoming fat -2 per month
Siren Robe +40 when worn
Leather Dress +50 when worn
Silk Armor +50 when equipped
Demon Dress +45 when worn
Dragon Tights +28 when worn



If your daughter has at least 200 Charisma and Refinement; she might get a suitor. Suitors will bring her money asking for her hand. You can accept or decline but regardless of your choice he will leave his money behind and come back soon .

"The Rich Land Owner":Edit

If Olive has a high charisma, a rich old man might follow her home and offer her money (amount depends on Charisma) to persuade her to be his mistress. If your daughter has low Morality or is under a lot of Stress, she will most likely accept his offer.

The Lover:Edit

If your daughter is really charismatic, a random lover will ask her out on a date, Olive will decline if you have a decent father-daughter relationship. If she goes on a date, she will fall in love.

The General: Edit

Charisma affects how much influence General Kruger raises for her within the Palace if she talks with him, every 5 points of Charisma raises Popularity by 1.

Dance Party: Edit

At the Dance Party, Charisma is used to calculate her Artistic Merit score.

Part Time Work: Edit

Charisma influences how well Olive can work at the Bar, Sleazy Bar and Cabaret. If her Stress is close to her Charisma, she will start messing up. She will always fare poorly at these jobs if her Charisma is too low.

Bandits: Edit

The three bandits, Venezaro, Vanesta and Castio all will assault Olive if her Charisma is above 100. It raises it by 20 points, and greatly raises her relationship with Cube. Nothing special happens if it's below 100 though.

Grandpa Dragon:Edit

In the Desert, Dragon Ruins, your daughter can meet Grandpa Dragon. If she is 14 or younger, he will tell her to go home. If she's 15 or above, on the second and further visits he will start giving her money (1G per 1 charisma point). If her charisma is at least 100; he will ask her to go closer. Going closer will give you the Dragon Tights.

Endings: Edit

Charisma influences both what endings she gets and how well she does at some of them. Having 500 or more Charisma can make Olive a Royal Concubine instead of a Married Queen, for instance. Good Charisma makes her work better in the Full/Part Time Work endings of the Bar, Sleazy Bar and Cabaret, as well as in the Housewife ending and several others.

Marriage Endings: Edit

Charisma has a strong impact on marriage endings. Having atleast 200 Charisma or above makes generic marriages add 40 points instead of 20 to the final score, and 200 or more Charisma is needed for most of the special marriages, most notably the Princess marriage ending.