Within the Western Desert, located in the Demon's Cave within the Demon's Abode, is a demon focused on meditation.

In DepthEdit

A jewel lost to a demon's family was stolen by a Chinese Orc. The demon within the cave is likely of this family. Should he ever come across the lost heirloom he will do whatever he can to get it back.


The Cave Demon is well versed in magic. He can incant spells that deal with magic, refinement and charisma.

If your daughter should have the Demon Pendant, the Cave Demon will be willing to make a trade. If she agrees he will perform a spell on her. The spell is called "Circe's Charm".

Should she refuse, the demon will offer first 1000 gold and then 1500 gold. If Olive refuses all three offers, the demon attacks.

If she is unable to defeat him, she will lose the Demon Pendant and gain nothing.

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