Carl Fox

"The battle is won by he who is the most dedicated." ~ Carl Fox

Carl Fox the Fighter is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Carl Fox is known as "the blind martial artist" who gives lessons on self-defense and unarmed combat. He is quite skilled. He fights unarmed, but in truth his fists are dangerous weapons.

He always participates in the Combat Tournament during the Harvest Festival.

Combat Stats Edit

HP: 225

Morale: 200

MP: 0

In spite of Carl Fox being the best at raising Combat Skill, he's not that formidable an opponent himself. Melee and magic attacks both work well, magic attacks being predictably better.


  • A battle is not always fought with swords.
  • Don't waver in your dedication.
  • The battle is won by he who is the most dedicated. Let's begin!
  • The secret to self-defense is understanding how to deflect a blow at the last possible instant.

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