The Cake is very sweet and is made with lots of fresh cream. It reduces stress

A delicious treat!
Vital statistics
Type Food
Effects -50 Stress, +2.2 lbs
Source Restaurant
Cost to buy 80 G
Cost to sell -
by 50 points and increases weight by 2.2 pounds.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the Restaurant. The Cake can be purchased for 80G.

Notes Edit

The cake is the cheapest stress relieving item, reducing 50 points of stress for 80 G. Dolls cost 120 G and reduce 40 stress points and Seafood costs 120 G and reduces 30 stress points. There are some downsides to the cake though:

  • The obvious one is that it raises weight by a significant amount. +2.2 lbs can easily push Olive to being overweight, which will lower her Charisma and prevent her from wearing several dresses.
  • It can't be bought multiple times in one month unlike dolls, so it's limited to reducing 50 stress points in the month.
  • The cake is consumed immediately, so it can't be sold later unlike dolls.

The cake is best used as a cheap stress reduction item when you're not too worried about putting on weight and you want to get Olive working efficiently by the next month.

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