Description Edit

The Daughter bumps into Baron Tellmark and tells him that she hasn't found a job. Tellmark tells her that he's always on the search of girls willing to work in his "Ladies and Gentlemen's Social Club and Cabaret" and tells her that he can hire her full/part time from then on. The Daughter isn't fully convinced about working in the evenings, but Tellmark assures her that his entertainment business is wholesome and he only hires very pretty and graceful girls. So the Daughter accepts his offer and ends up becoming an official Cabaret Dancer.

Ranking Edit

"Too bad, but at least that is some kind of life."

Requirements Edit

Constantly working as a cabaret dancer

Fighting Reputation: 211

Magic Reputation: 210

Social Reputation: 200

Housework Reputation: 190

Part-time cabaret dancer

Fighting Reputation: 70

Magic Reputation: 60

Social Reputation: 50

Housework Reputation: 40

Other Information Edit

  • High charisma will make your daughter more successful at her job.
  • These are rough estimates and not yet fully tested.