Bounty hunter

Your daughter becomes a Bounty Hunter...oh well.

Your daughter is known thoughout the realm as a skilled fighter but she can't behave herself well enough to get any great job offers... So she begins to hunt down dangerous fighters and criminals instead, getting bounties in return. Her once opponent Don Rio Jonason is her first "victim", and she gets quite a bit of gold for killing him.

For how high the requirements are, this is a very bad ending in the god's eyes.


I feel sorry for her. If you applied yourself more then things probably wouldn't have turned out like this...

Stat RequirementsEdit

Intelligence = At least 300

Morals = 29 or lower

Faith = At least 400

Sensitivity = At least 500

Fighting Reputation = 421

Magic Reputation = 370

Social Reputation = 370

Housework Reputation = 370

Other InformationEdit

If she isn't very good at her job (low fighter rep?) she will accept that she is a horrible bounty hunter and work to become an ordinary housewife instead.

If she is good at her work; she will become very famous and wealthy to the point where she could buy anything she wanted for herself.