Bounty hunter

Your daughter becomes a Bounty Hunter...oh well.

Your daughter is known thoughout the realm as a skilled fighter but she can't behave herself well enough to get any great job offers...

For how high the requirements are, this is a very bad ending in the god's eyes.


I feel sorry for her. If you applied yourself more then things probably wouldn't have turned out like this...

Stat RequirementsEdit

Intelligence = At least 300

Morals = 29 or lower

Faith = At least 400

Sensitivity = At least 500

Fighting Reputation = 421

Magic Reputation = 370

Social Reputation = 370

Housework Reputation = 370

Other InformationEdit

If she isn't very good at her job (low fighter rep?) she will accept that she is a horrible bounty hunter and work to become an ordinary housewife instead.

If she is good at her work; she will become very famous and wealthy to the point where she could buy anything she wanted for herself.

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